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New Site, New Approach

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Welcome to the revamped Four-in-Hand Games site!

For a variety of technical reasons, we lost most of the news and information from the old version of both this site and, so we’re taking this as an excuse to restart both sites with new looks and new…well…news!

This site,, will now be the starting place for all of our games, while will focus on specific world-building and design thoughts around steampunk in general and Steamscapes in particular.

But because I like to ramble more than a little about design, I will also be making design posts here. They will appear in this news thread, but you can filter them more easily by heading to the “Design Blog” page.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the beta of Soldiers and Serpents! We’re very excited about this game, which we expect to release in 2019.

Thanks for visiting Four-in-Hand, home to lovingly handcrafted roleplaying experiences!

-Eric, aka Fairman Rogers