More Rockalypse Thoughts

The public beta for Rockalypse just dropped last week, but I have been playtesting it for about half a year now. Many of the mechanics were tested and tweaked over the course of a 3-month campaign arc, and I have also run numerous one-shots at small local gaming events. For everyone just getting started with their own games, I thought it might be helpful for me to share my experiences so far - perhaps a little more specifically than I discussed in the intro section of the PDF.


Announcing the Rockalypse Beta

Rockalypse Art by Lauren A. Brown

The game of post-apocalyptic musical conflict is here!

Rockalypse is our first game for Fate, and we are embracing the system whole-heartedly - one might even say ferociously. If you are familiar with Fate already, you will quickly see how much Rockalypse benefits from the game elements that make Fate unique, like aspects and stress tracks. If you are new to the system, Rockalypse can help train you in the habits that will make you a great Fate player.