Rockalypse at Gen Con, Alpha Readers, and More

We're heading to Gen Con! As of this posting, there are just two more days before initial Event Registration. So we wanted to make sure that you know about the two Rockalypse sessions that are on that list:


Indy, here I come!

Indy, here I come!

You may notice that both of those sessions are on Thursday. One of them is late evening (8 to midnight), and I'm hoping for a particularly rowdy group for that one. But that also means that I have giant swaths of time in my schedule for the rest of the con. (I am also running a Steamscapes game for my own contribution to Savage Saturday Night, but that's it.) What I would love to do with the rest of that time is make myself available for pick-up games, demos, and talks with whoever might want to find me.

If you don't manage to get into one of the two scheduled sessions, I want to coordinate with you! Please email me at rockalypse at fihgames dot com to let me know whether you want to play or just hang out at some point. If there are a lot of folks who want to do something, I will try to compile that information over the next couple of months and set up some events. I can't promise to get everyone, but I'll do what I can!

The reason I want to get together with as many people as possible is that I am (tentatively) planning for the Rockalypse Kickstarter to begin right after Gen Con! I still have a fair bit of work to do to make the campaign as good as it can be, but I am pretty sure that I can get everything ready by that time. Keep watching here for more details throughout June and July!

The one big thing that's already finished is the text for the book, at least in rough draft form. That's right, the primary writing for Rockalypse is complete! So what I would like now is a small group of alpha readers to go through it and offer suggestions. I would love to get as much variety as possible in participants in terms of experience, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and cultural background. If you are at all interested, please email me (again at rockalypse at fihgames dot com) and let me know. Please be willing to commit to providing some feedback. This is not just a free sneak peek! (If you want that, just download the Public Beta.)

Thanks for your support and participation in everything we're doing! See you at Gen Con!