Weekend of Rockalypse!

We're getting closer to announcing the Kickstarter dates, but in the meantime I am spending this whole weekend playing Rockalypse!

First, I will be demoing at Wizard World Chicago. Look for me in Dice Dojo's section of Hall F. I am also demoing the Aventuria Card Game for Ulisses Spiele, but if I'm in the middle of a game please feel free to approach me and set up a time for Rockalypse! I will be there all day Friday and Saturday.

I won't be there on Sunday, because that's when I'll be recording with the One Shot Podcast! I am so excited to be back with James and his crew. This will be a very different experience from the Steamscapes episodes, because it will be completely improvised. Look for those episodes soon!

All this attention could go to my head, but I promise not to turn into a Glamour Boy...