Rockalypse On DriveThruRPG

The full version of Rockalypse is now available for purchase on DriveThruRPG!

We'll keep the Quick Start in place (and we'll even be updating it soon), so if you just need the rules you can grab that. But the full version of Rockalypse includes all the art, numerous play examples, and even more detail. It is identical to the print version, which is coming in just a couple months!

The full version includes both the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated rules, so it is all you need if you want everything there is. But if you just want a simple document with the Fate Accelerated rules, we have that too!

Rockalypse Accelerated is a trimmed-down book with just what you need to play the Accelerated version of the game. And it's Pay-What-You-Want!

Whatever your Fate flavor, we hope you enjoy Rockalypse! Now grab your instruments and get out there!