Last year, we opened this site with an announcement about The King is Dead, the upcoming Savage Worlds setting by Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher. Today we are happy to present the first official release in that setting, an adventure called VARGR.


Rockalypse Progress and Potpourri

So the Rockalypse Public Beta (currently in version 2.1) has just passed 400 downloads - in only two months. This is almost as many downloads as the free GM Screen Inserts for Steamscapes that have been on DriveThruRPG for almost two and a half years. By the end of May, I anticipate that Rockalypse will be our most popular download, passing even the free Steamscapes one-sheets. Now, while I can certainly be accused of continuing to push something that hasn't yet caught on, I hope that I can't be accused of ignoring something that's clearly making an impact. 

But first, allow me just a moment of celebration.


Rockalypse 2.1 Update

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for the amazing response so far on Rockalypse! Download numbers have been - if I may say so - truly outrageous. And I especially want to thank all the folks who have donated. We really appreciate your support!


We've got real Synergy. Not a Misfit in the bunch.


More Rockalypse Thoughts

The public beta for Rockalypse just dropped last week, but I have been playtesting it for about half a year now. Many of the mechanics were tested and tweaked over the course of a 3-month campaign arc, and I have also run numerous one-shots at small local gaming events. For everyone just getting started with their own games, I thought it might be helpful for me to share my experiences so far - perhaps a little more specifically than I discussed in the intro section of the PDF.


Announcing the Rockalypse Beta

Rockalypse Art by Lauren A. Brown

The game of post-apocalyptic musical conflict is here!

Rockalypse is our first game for Fate, and we are embracing the system whole-heartedly - one might even say ferociously. If you are familiar with Fate already, you will quickly see how much Rockalypse benefits from the game elements that make Fate unique, like aspects and stress tracks. If you are new to the system, Rockalypse can help train you in the habits that will make you a great Fate player.


Revolution in a Gothic 18th century that never was...

by Sean Tait Bircher with Robin English-Bircher


Coming July 2016 from Four-in-Hand Games, The King is Dead plunges players into a Savage Worlds setting of intrigue and horror. In an 18th century much like our own, a coalition of secret societies wages a guerilla war to overthrow an aristocracy of vampires. With the law against them, the heroes become outlaws, striking from the shadows as they work to rally the people against their oppressors.